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Unique Shaped Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Art'sy Shapes for the Unusual & Unique Appeal of Handcrafted one of a kind solid wood jewelry boxes. We offer a variety of woods to choose from, both exotic and domestic hardwoods. All of our wooden jewelry boxes are made in Washington, most of the drawers are divided, then flocked on the inside of each drawer with a Rayon Suede-Tex Fiber, which add a rich, soft, velvety finish to each one.


Unique & Unusual Shaped Jewelry Boxes

Black Walnut Jewelry Box (SKU: 104b-2-wal)
Brazilian Cherry Jewelry Box (SKU: 117a-2-jat)
Brazilian Cherry Jewelry Box (SKU: 129a-2-jat)
Brazilian Cherry Jewelry Box (SKU: 116-2-jat)
Brazilian Cherry Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 124-2-jat)
Brazilian Cherry Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 104a-1-jat)
Canary Jewelry Box (SKU: 123-3-can)
Canary Wood Box "new" (SKU: 103-3-can)
Canary Wood Box "new" (SKU: 134-2-can)
Canary Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 123-2-can)
Canary Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 114-2-can)
Canary Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 116b-1-can)
Cherry Wood Box (SKU: 102b-1-ch)
Cherry Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 116b-1-ch)
Cherry Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 150a-1-ch)
Cherry Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 150b-1-ch)
Cherry Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 109c-5-ch)
Cherry Wood Jewelry Box (SKU: 123-1-ch)
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