Caring For Your Wood Jewelry Box

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Caring for your Wood Jewelry Box

Wood can dry out without proper care.
We recommend a room temperature 62 to 78 degree, temperatures above or below can damage the wood, by drying it out or causing it to crack or split, but usually only in sever conditions or over prolonged time. Never use a damp or wet cloth to remove dust or finger prints. A high quality furniture polish is highly recommended, as you would use on your fine wood furniture, as this will help keep its natural lustre and satin sheen for years to come. Always follow the manufactures directions when applying any wax or polish, some hard waxes require you to do small sections at a time and wipe it off before it dries. Never store your wood box in a damp area, like an unheated garage or storage shed for any long periods as this causes moisture damage and mole to grow, which can cause damage beyond repair.