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All of our wooden jewelry boxes are heirloom quality & handcrafted by Bob and Ruby Ulvestad in Bothell, Washington.  We use American woods like walnut & cherry & imported exotic hardwoods like Brazilian cherry (aka Jatoba wood), Canary wood (aka Brazil wood), Bubinga, Goncalo-alves aka (Tiger wood), Purple-heart and others we like. No two boxes will ever be exactly alike, each one is artistically crafted, unique & unusual in shape & size, our tall and upright boxes up to 15" high, single drawer boxesmid-size two drawer, & larger three-four drawer boxes, are great for dressers. We also have smaller size boxes for those who need less storage for their jewelry and precious collectables. You can click on any of the images below or links on the left border to see our product line, we do except special orders within the USA. We do not ship outside of the United States.

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Guaranteed  to  please anyone. We offer exotic woods such as Bubinga, Purpleheart, Goncalo Alves, Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Makor'e (African Cherry), and more, we also have a variety of hardwoods such as Lyptus, American Cherry, northern Black Walnut, and the list goes on.  Check our information page on Wood Origin for added information on the types of woods that are available to us and information on Jewelry Box Care for the care of your jewelry box. All are finished with a satin sheen, then wax by hand and buffed for the finial touches. All of our jewelry boxes are solid wood, we laminate the wood boards to form a solid block, then cut each one individually on a band saw to create the unusual shapes. All natural wood grain with no stain or color additives, and are flocked with a Rayon Suede-Tex Fibers on the inside of every drawer for long wear and lasting beauty. Truly an heirloom you will want to past down to future generations.

All our images represent a sample of the jewelry box you're actually going to purchase, it can vary in shade and wood grain. Our images represent a unique style one of a kind wooden jewelry box, as no two boxes will ever be the same, the wood pattern from box to box is different and so is the shade of the wood could vary from light to dark, the shape of the box can also vary. Each drawer is unique to the box it was cut from and will only fit that box exactly. We guarantee the quality of all our boxes and offer free ground shipping within the USA (exceptions apply).

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